CLA Webinar: From Self-Service to Commercial Accounts: How to Get Started

CLA Webinar: From Self-Service to Commercial Accounts: How to Get Started


You’ve finally decided to diversify your laundry business and take on some commercial accounts, but where do you start? From hospitals to hotels, there are various businesses that are looking for someone to do their laundry. Starting with some basic commercial accounts is the key to filling your pipeline with steady business, as well as getting your employees trained on how to wash, dry, fold and package laundry. This program will feature one panelist who has a stand-alone commercial production facility, another who handles commercial accounts out of his existing Laundromat and a third who does a hybrid of both. Learn from these experts the different business models to determine what is best for your business.

Panelists:-Rob Maes, owner, Express Laundry Center-Dan Campbell, owner, Wash Around the Clock-Amy Martinez-Monfort, owner, Tampa Laundry Company

Each person who registers for the Jan. 28 webinar will receive a recording of the program.

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