Cesco Open House & New Product Show

September 21

1 DAY ONLY!!  Find out ALL you need to know about the LUCRATIVE Coin Laundry Industry! Maximize your revenue and Minimize your costs! Wascomat and Electrolux machines provide Great wash results, and are easy-to-use machines that are BUILT-TO-LAST.  These Soon to be Introduced Machines from Electrolux & Wascomat offer LOW Operating Costs, FAST Processing for Highest customer turnaround - there is no downtime thanks to Reliable and Innovative Equipment.  You DON'T want to miss this!  Be the first to learn all about the NEW Product Line up: Electrolux Line 5000 and Wascomat Gen 7 Series models! 

Electrolux Line 5000 Features: All new Technological Excellence Providing Higher flexibility and user-friendliness, Extened lifetime due to Super Balance / Power Balance, as well as Time & Energy Savings thanks to tighter construction and axial airflow.

Wascomat Gen 7 Features: Innovative, Flexible and simple to use!  Easy program selection, diagnostics and CUSTOM programming.  Wascomats are built to LAST with heavy duty bearings three seals and sealed drain - EASY to service!

 There will be FREE Training, Delicious FREE Gourmet Food, Parts Discounts (Save up to 50%), 0% Financing on Crossover Models, Ask the experts, and MUCH, MUCH  more!  Register today for Bigger savings!

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20830 International Blvd.

Seatac, Washington

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(206) 824-9055


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