Milnor Announces Contest to Retire Oldest ‘Triple-loader’ in North America

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KENNER, La. — To celebrate its 50th anniversary in the vended laundry market, Pellerin Milnor Corp. is holding a contest to find and replace the oldest operating Milnor “triple-loader” washer in North America.Milnor made its first industrial washers for the coin-op market in 1959. These machines — designed for 8-10 turns per day in commercial applications — are still offered today as Classic-style C4E units, along with the company’s newer line of cabinet-style washers.“Milnor Classic-style washers have successfully operated in self-serve laundries for decades,” says Gary Gauthier, national sales manager for Vended Laundries at Milnor. “We want to find the storeowner who has kept [his or her] vintage unit running longer than any other washer in the country and reward [him or her] with a new machine.”The contest is open through Sept. 30. The oldest coin-op washer submitted by a coin laundry owner will be replaced with a new Milnor washer from the manufacturer. Details and a downloadable contest form are available at

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Milnor coin operat 35 lb front loading washer operating in Home.

Hello, contest for laundramat people. What if it is a coin operated milnor 35 lb operated out of a home and is still funtional and using for a family of 16 and 27 grandchildren . Operating non stop since 1986 and is a machine purchased from a local laundramat in our city in 1986. Was an older machine then 1986. Where do I find the manufacture date.

Coin operated milnor 35 lb machine operating out of home

 aquired a coin operated 35 lb front loading machine back in 1986 and have it operating since then. Metal tag said it was mfg in 1978. We still use it and have 14 children and 27 grandchildren. This machine has run on the avg of 1-3 wash loads a day and sometimes run non stop during the day for washing blankets, sheets, rugs, sleeping bags and campgear. Told my husband if it ever quit working, I would buy another milnor even if I have to take a loan out to get one. This machine came out of our local laundramat when we got it. We have to press the button ten times indicating ten quarters to start a cycle. My husband also have added a timer to make the wash cycle longer for loads that need longer wash. Only problem we have had over the years is we had to purchase a replacement timer a couple times during the years since 1986.

Milnor 1976

Still running since 1976.  Six turns a day.


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