Colorful Single-Dose Detergent Packs Pose Threat to Young Children


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Coin laundries can assist by reminding patrons about safe use and storage

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The American Association of Poison Control Centers and the experts at America’s 57 poison centers are urging the public, especially parents, to keep highly concentrated “single dose packs” of laundry detergent up and away from children, according to Debbie Carr, AAPCC executive director.

Coin laundry owners and operators can assist by reminding their patrons about the safe use and storage of these products.

As of Nov. 29, more than 5,000 children age 5 or younger have been exposed to single-dose laundry packets in the United States this year, according to the AAPCC, which is charting reported exposures with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Some children who swallowed the packets have become ill and required hospitalization. Other children have gotten the detergent in their eyes.

The AAPCC recommends the following steps:

  • Always keep detergents out of the reach of children
  • Follow specific disposal instructions on the label
  • If you believe a child has been exposed to the contents of a laundry detergent packet, call the local poison center at 800-222-1222 immediately

Bad Product.

This happend In my Laundromat.  A three year old thinking it was candy took it off the wash machine that his mom set it on and ate it.  My attendant called the poision control hotline and was told to give the boy Sprite or  7-up.  The boy soon vomited it up,  and was okay after.    When I see customers use it I recomend to them after they finish it, not to buy it again.  Not only do small kids think it's candy,  but it causes problem when a customer sticks it in the soap compartment and clogs the water from going down to the machine.  it needs to be put inside with the clothes in a frontload wash machine.  And not everyone knows that,  or follows directions.]


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