TravelCenters of America Rolling Out All-New Laundry Equipment


TA Lodi, Ohio facility
The laundry rooms in the TA Lodi, Ohio, facility (seen here) and many other company-operated TravelCenters of America properties will be upgraded with new washers and dryers, as well as additional or replaced folding tables, hanging racks and other equipment. (Photo: TravelCenters of America)

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WESTLAKE, Ohio — TravelCenters of America, which operates TA and Petro Stopping Centers in 41 states and Canada, has begun rolling out the most modern self-service laundry equipment on the highway, the company says.

TravelCenters’ 190 laundry rooms in company-operated locations today contain nearly 2,000 washers and dryers that will be replaced with new machines before the end of March.

Laundry payment stations will be added at 98% of its locations to provide customers the optional convenience of paying with credit or debit cards, in addition to the traditional cash payment option.

The payment station can notify drivers via text message when their washer and dryer cycles are completed.

The equipment rollout will coincide with the addition or replacement of folding tables, hanging racks and other equipment.

“We’ve taken a chore and made it simpler and more efficient,” says Tom O’Brien, TravelCenters President/CEO. “Not only will these advanced machines shorten the time it takes a guest to do a load of laundry, the new systems should also increase the availability of machines for all of our guests.”

TravelCenters will be offering promotional rates to credit/debit card users for 30 days after the new machines are installed.


2000 new washers and dryers

A staff writer should know that a laundry owner doesn't care diddly about the info in a PR release or the info that might appeal to a TravelCenter patron. REAL information we'd like: What size and brand and age are the existing machines. What size and brand are the new machines. And how is this equipment faster???????? Do the washers use more water to wash faster? Do they spin at a higher G-force to dry faster? Do the dryers have more cfm airflow or burn more BTU's to dry faster? I'm guessing not, not and not. Will they wash and dry faster because they're new and prettier? I'm guessing they expect the razzle dazzle to hide the fact that the new equipment will give an inferior wash/dry.


And one interesting tidbit:

And one interesting tidbit: Customers can pay for the laundry with debit or credit cards as well as cash. How?????? Any new, easy system we might be interested in knowing about? My customers can buy tokens with cash or credit cards and start machines. Most card systems can be loaded with cash or credit cards and then used to start machines. Anything NEW here??


Coin/ Card

This sounds like a great system. I hope It works as well as expected. If the developer of the system is smart they will sell the hardware and software to other route operators.

This system for

This system for credit/cash/coin sounds like Standard's new Easypay system. I'm not sure of any other system that does something similar without requiring hardware on each machine.


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