Statewide Laundry Launches ‘Case Study Stories’ Online


Kurt Schroeder and his Speed Wash Laundromat are the focus of Statewide Laundry’s first in a series of “Case Study Stories” presented by video on its website. (Image: Statewide Laundry)

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First features Speed Wash Laundromat of Tampa

TAMPA, Fla. — Commercial laundry equipment distributor Statewide Laundry reports it has launched a series of “Case Study Stories” featuring customers from around the state of Florida and why they chose to partner with Statewide and equipment manufacturer Speed Queen to design and build their store.

“Case studies give us the opportunity to examine the knowledge gained with experience,” says Statewide Vice President Jim Rogers. “There is no substitute for experience, and our experience is shared with and supports the success of our Statewide customers.”

In the first case study, Kurt Schroeder describes opening his Speed Wash Laundromat last year here in Tampa and discusses his thought process as he and Rogers designed the store.

Speed Queen National Sales Manager Tom Fleck pays Schroeder’s store a visit to talk about new products and opportunities his company has to offer business owners and consumers.

Statewide Laundry says it plans to release at least one new case study per quarter.

Schroeder’s case study has been posted to YouTube and can be viewed on Statewide’s website.


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