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Pellerin Milnor Corp. Presents Dealer Network Honors

Sales awards, other honors presented during ceremony at Clean 2019

NEW ORLEANS — Pellerin Milnor Corp. hosted a banquet and awards ceremony during the Clean Show here in June for its dealer network to celebrate the previous years’ sales efforts.

The following top sales awards were presented to Milnor dealers by Pellerin Milnor President and CEO James W. Pellerin.

The 2017‐2018 Key Man winners were: Bill Bell, Rich McKevitt and Ralph Tuccillo of Steiner‐Atlantic Corp., Miami; Wayne Currie of Dalex Co., Concord, Ontario, Canada; Steve Hickey and Barry Speizman of TLC Tri‐State Laundry Companies, Valdosta, Ga; David Johnson and Shawn Ryan of Pellerin Laundry Machinery Sales Co., Kenner, La.; Carl Rees and Gabe Rees of Loomis Brothers Equipment Co., Fenton, Mo.; Chris Tabling of O’Dell Equipment & Supply, Louisville, Ky.; and Kyle Zabrin of Equipment International, Skokie, Ill.

Carl Rees was also presented with the “Lifetime Key Man Award” for receiving the Key Man award 11 times as of 2019—the most any Milnor dealer has been named a Key Man. Rees recently announced his retirement from Loomis Brothers after 39 years with the company.

TLC Tri‐State Laundry Companies was awarded the “100/100 Club Award” for achieving quotas for various sales categories.

Milnor named Doug Gruber of A&B Equipment, Saginaw, Mich., and Rick Thurman of Laundry and Cleaners Equipment Co., Phoenix, Ariz., as “Star Performers.”

TLC Tri‐State Laundry Companies’ Bob Halpin was awarded the “Against All Odds” plaque for his persistence and success in sales.

Florian Ott of Milnor Deutschland Vertriebspartner GmbH in Germany was presented with the “Innovator” Award for his creativity and dedication in his marketing and sales efforts.

Milnor also named Brian McCann, Equipment International, the “Rookie of the Year.”

Clean ’19 marked the 25th anniversary as a full-line Milnor dealer for Appliance Traders and Oy Vestek A.B., and the 50th anniversary for Servicios Tecnicos SA.

Milnor’s Top Five dealers were also recognized. Beginning with first place, they were Pellerin Laundry Machinery Sales Co., Western State Design, TLC Tri‐State Laundry Companies, Steiner‐Atlantic Corp. and Yankee Equipment Systems.