Pa. Small Businesses Get Grants for 'Ecofriendly' Equipment Purchases

Jason Hicks |

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Eighty-one small businesses in Pennsylvania that invest in energy efficiency and cut wasteful pollution are getting more than $454,000 in grants to purchase equipment through the state’s Small Business Advantage Program. Together, seven coin laundries and drycleaners in the state received $49,452 in grants.“In these difficult financial times, it is easy for businesses to focus only on the short term,” says Gov. Edward G. Rendell. “Pennsylvania is committed to helping small businesses that are wisely investing in their long-term competitiveness.“Many Pennsylvania businesses are also preparing for significant increases in the price of electricity when rate caps end statewide two years from now. Helping small businesses through this difficult transition will protect an important cornerstone of the state’s economy.”The Small Business Advantage Grant Program provides a 50% match of up to $7,500 for equipment or processes that reduce energy use, promote pollution prevention and increase profitability. The program has invested almost $4.9 million in 928 businesses across the state since Governor Rendell launched it in 2004.“Pennsylvania is investing in its future by supporting businesses that purchase energy-efficient equipment to drive down their energy consumption and generate clean energy that meets their demands and yields excess power that can be sold back to the grid,” says acting state Environmental Protection Secretary John Hanger. “By reducing energy consumption, we conserve our natural resources, reduce our dependence on imported fossil fuels and prevent pollution. Investing in energy efficiency is investing in a clean and prosperous future.” 

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