Promote the Positive: You Must Communicate with Potential Customers

Sophia Farina |

One of the most difficult tasks for any small-business owner is marketing...

Empty Space Pays Off

Paul Partyka |

Some believe that timing is everything. For David Kessler, founder of...

Getting Into the Marketing Game (Part 2)

Paul Partyka |

If you’re a self-service laundry owner looking for some marketing ideas,...

Getting Into the Marketing Game (Part 1)

Paul Partyka |

If you’re a self-service laundry owner looking for some marketing ideas,...

Thank Your Customers This Holiday Season

Janna Benitez |

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s easy to overlook a vital...

Marketing Can Work, with Some Effort

Paul Partyka |

NEW ORLEANS — When someone mentions the self-service laundry industry,...

Attracting Customers (Part 4 of a Series)

Paul Partyka |

There’s always room for improvement, so we asked manufacturers,...

Marketing Can Boost Profits, but Requires Planning

Rob Bodner |

Before I start, I want to offer a word of caution on marketing for those...

MySpace Lets Small Businesses Market to Specific Segments of its User Base

Jason Hicks |

NEW YORK — Coin laundries and other small-business owners may not have the...

A Direct Way to Reach Customers

Venishka Hurdle |

What type of marketing do you do? More and more coin laundries have turned...

Put the Spotlight on Your Laundry: Using Promotions to Draw a Crowd

Paul Partyka |

CHICAGO — Our recent story, More Myth vs. Reality, was inspired by...

Keep Marketing Simple

Jim Kell |

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W. Va. — Now that your laundry is up and running, how do...

Adopt Those Orphans

Barry Hammond |

CHICAGO — Driving down the interstate, I recently saw a large billboard...

Remember the Customers

Dion Marcionetti |

CHICAGO, Ill. — March is coming to an end, have you spruced up your coin...



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