CLA Highlights Best Practices for Wash Dry Fold, Commercial Accounts

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NEW ORLEANS — There are many add-on services that coin laundry store owners pursue to make extra income, among them being wash-dry-fold and commercial accounts. Coin Laundry Association (CLA) hosted a panel discussion on how to master the service in an educational session titled Best Practices for Wash, Dry, Fold, and Commercial Accounts.

The panel was moderated by Jeff Gardner, The Laundry Doctor and owner of Sel Dale Laundromat, and featured Brian Henderson, owner of Liberty Laundry in Tulsa, Okla; Chris Balestracci, owner of Laundry Express in New Haven, Conn.; Paul Pettefer, owner of Laundry World in Lake Charles, La.; and Robert Maes, owner of Express Laundry Centers in Huston, Tex.

Among some of the aspects the panel focused on regarding best practices was the overall image of, not only the store, but also the product they’re providing customers, including the presentation of garments returned to the customer.

“The image of the end product is very important,” said Balestracci.

Having an organized system in place was another topic the panelists touched on, in addition to the importance of having reliable employees that use them.

Henderson explained that communication is key when it comes to managing staff, but also believes in “attendant empowerment,” when employees are left to deal with customer concerns on their own.

In terms of marketing tactics, Henderson explained that online referrals have become the new word-of-mouth, and stressed the importance of marketing and advertising.

“By putting [your] information out there…you’re eliminating the fear of the unknown,” said Henderson. “The customer already feels like they know your business.”

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